From the archives – WIE 20 (Part 2)

Today’s offering from WIE 20 is the cartoon that featured as one half of the issue’s centrespread. Our cartoonist, Mark Cook, wasn’t a Wings fan; in fact, he didn’t much like football at all if memory serves. I can’t remember how Mark came onboard exactly, but I do recall that he was a neighbour and school friend of ex-Wing Richard Dimmock.

Anyway, we like this particular cartoon because – although WIE 20 was published in September 1997 – it is relevant commentary on the club’s dealings in the transfer market over the years. Of course, the club has paid transfer fees for players; the returns to PVR of John Bartley and Gary Abbott spring immediately to mind along with the signings of Terry Robbins and Mark Hone, but we’re struggling to think of any others. No doubt we’ve overlooked some, but you get the point.

Stay safe and we’ll be back with another look into the WIE  archive next week.

WIE 20 cartoon

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