WIE 58 is out today

Just for once – and thanks mainly to regular contributors Tim and GaryH – we’ve managed to meet our deadline to get a new issue out. If you’re going to PVR today to watch the Wings face Chippenham, then don’t forget to pick up your copy of WIE 58. As usual our seller(s) will be outside the ground and circulating in the bars before the game. It’s an issue that packed with plenty of Wings-related guff and nonsense, including:

  • Nigel tells us about his involvement with Radio Wings.
  • Tim’s run through the developments he’s witnessed at PVR over the years.
  • There’s a photo essay on the current state of our beloved home ground.
  • Mark’s back with his usual Danson Ramble column.
  • We look at the season so far in numbers… spoiler alert… it isn’t pretty.
  • Tim charts our successful and, erm, not so successful seasons.
  • There are some more Hall of Shame nominations.
  • GaryH run us through some interesting and disturbing examples of football curses.

And loads more.

WIE 58 is your for just £1. Yes, you read that right, just one of your English pounds. Bargain!

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