The new issue is here…

Well, due to unforeseen circumstances with our printer, the new issue was regrettably delayed. In fact we’ve been close to consigning it to the bin, but that wouldn’t have been fair to the contributors. So, much like the couple we published in lockdown, we have decided to make this issue a FREE digital one.

This was probably going to be the last issue too, but we can’t go out this way. There will be at least one more issue.

Here you go then. You can access WIE 59 via the link below.

WIE 59 – October 2022

We are also hoping to have a few printed, should our printer be in a position to do so. Do let us know in advance if you are interested in getting one.

Issue 59…

…is coming soon.

Now that the, ahem, *excitement* over the announcement of the new Tory Party leader and PM has started to dampen we can finally turn our attention to more important things.

Okay, okay. We’re now in a position to announce that the new copy deadline for WIE 59 is Friday 7th October. And we’d really love you to contribute.

If you’ve got something you would like to share with your fellow Wings supporters then here’s your chance. It needn’t be of War and Peace proportions either (mainly because we have the job of editing it).

It really could be anything. We’re looking for articles of course, but shorter pieces are just as welcome as would photos and cartoons/drawings. It really doesn’t matter. Hopefully the recent changes at the club will provide inspiration.

Or how about a new entry or update to our Wingsaurus

Anyway, please email your contributions to and you will forever have our gratitude. Go on, you’ll feel better for it.

Thank you…

That’s it now for match day sales of WIE 58. And we’d like to thank each and every one of you who bought a copy. Sales were good and the feedback we received from some of you was much appreciated. Keep it coming – good and bad – as we’re always looking for ways to improve the fanzine.

We still have a handful of copies left, so you can get your hands on one if you’ve missed out so far. If you bump into us at any of the remaining home games this season we might have a couple of copies on us. But the best way will be to email us at for our postal rates. Or you can still download it from the MatchDay Digital app.

That’s it for now. Thanks again and WIE will be back next season, so we’ll see you then. And if you want to contribute keep an eye on our social media feeds for the copy deadline.

WIE 58 update

Thank you to everyone of you who bought a copy of the new issue either before the Chippenham or Dulwich Hamlet game. And we really appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received so far.

We will be out one more time with this issue before the home game against Hemel Hempstead Town on 26th February. If you won’t be at PVR that day and still want to get a copy there are two options available to you. You can either email us at for our postal rates or you can download the digital version via the MatchDay digital app.

WIE 58 is out today

Just for once – and thanks mainly to regular contributors Tim and GaryH – we’ve managed to meet our deadline to get a new issue out. If you’re going to PVR today to watch the Wings face Chippenham, then don’t forget to pick up your copy of WIE 58. As usual our seller(s) will be outside the ground and circulating in the bars before the game. It’s an issue that packed with plenty of Wings-related guff and nonsense, including:

  • Nigel tells us about his involvement with Radio Wings.
  • Tim’s run through the developments he’s witnessed at PVR over the years.
  • There’s a photo essay on the current state of our beloved home ground.
  • Mark’s back with his usual Danson Ramble column.
  • We look at the season so far in numbers… spoiler alert… it isn’t pretty.
  • Tim charts our successful and, erm, not so successful seasons.
  • There are some more Hall of Shame nominations.
  • GaryH run us through some interesting and disturbing examples of football curses.

And loads more.

WIE 58 is your for just £1. Yes, you read that right, just one of your English pounds. Bargain!

Hall of Shame

In WIE 57 we opened up nominations for the Hall of Shame. We know that the concept is very much a fanzine staple, but, frankly, we don’t care. And it seems kinda apt given the current predicament the club finds itself in, both on and off the pitch.

The categories are:

  • Opposition player
  • Opposition manager
  • Welling manager
  • Welling player
  • Officials

Regular contributor Tim was first up with his nominations. He went with:

  • Opposition player – Andy Leach
  • Opposition manager – Tommy Warrilow
  • Welling manager – Tony Sitford
  • Welling player – KSA
  • Officials – John Homewood and P Don

That’s strong list, but can almost certainly be beaten. So, let us have your nominations (plus a little bit of supporting text for each please) by 30th January for inclusion in our next issue. And don’t feel you have to provide nominations for each category, or indeed stick to just one nominee per category. Email them to us at as usual.

WIE 58 coming soon…

Maybe it’s the impending festivities, maybe it’s the prospect of another COVID-induced lockdown, maybe it’s because we’re bored. Whatever the reason, we’ve decided to start planning for the next issue. Having looked at the fixture list we’re looking to have WIE 58 available in February, so the copy deadline is 30th January.

It’s a date…

As we have stated previously on many occasions, we would really love more of you to get involved and contribute something. “Yes, but what are you looking for?” we hear you ask. In truth it can be anything ranging from a full article detailing something Wings (or football) related that you’d like to share, a shorter piece or letter about something on your mind, or perhaps an entry for the Wingsaurus or a graphic that should be included in our CAMRAG gallery. Perhaps you found something Wings-related while in the loft getting down the Christmas decorations that brought back a distinctive memory that we’d all love you to share…

And please don’t hesitate to get in touch here if you want to discuss your idea first.