WIE 58 coming soon…

Maybe it’s the impending festivities, maybe it’s the prospect of another COVID-induced lockdown, maybe it’s because we’re bored. Whatever the reason, we’ve decided to start planning for the next issue. Having looked at the fixture list we’re looking to have WIE 58 available in February, so the copy deadline is 30th January.

It’s a date…

As we have stated previously on many occasions, we would really love more of you to get involved and contribute something. “Yes, but what are you looking for?” we hear you ask. In truth it can be anything ranging from a full article detailing something Wings (or football) related that you’d like to share, a shorter piece or letter about something on your mind, or perhaps an entry for the Wingsaurus or a graphic that should be included in our CAMRAG gallery. Perhaps you found something Wings-related while in the loft getting down the Christmas decorations that brought back a distinctive memory that we’d all love you to share…

And please don’t hesitate to get in touch here if you want to discuss your idea first.

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